Local promotion company Brightsound Entertainment has assembled an impressive reggae-themed benefit concert. Booked for Sat. July 3, Lineup at the Lookout will feature a headlining set from U.K. reggae band Steel Pulse on the Lookout Pavilion stage at the Charleston Harbor Resort.

Opening acts include the Dub Island Sound System, The Dub Plates Riddim Band, Brazilian Capoeira dance-fighting exhibitioners, and a West African children’s Djole dance drumming exhibition. A variety of Caribbean-inspired cuisine and beverages will be on hand, too.

Proceeds from this concert benefit OKURASE (Opportunity, Knowledge, Understanding, Renewed Health, Arts-Based, Skills Training, and Education), an organization addressing the HIV/AIDS crisis in Ghana. Music starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are available at brightsoundlive.com for $55 and $35.

Visit steelpulse.com and projectokurase.org for more info.

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