As expected, the recently approved NAACP resolution demanding that the Tea Party condemn the racist dung beetles that frequent the grassroots movement’s rallies has kicked off a totally unproductive shit storm.

Yes, the Tea Party movement has attracted some racists. Yes, some of them brandish offensive signs. Yes, a few have hurled racial slurs.

But, as I argued the other day, this is old news. The summer of hate that fueled the rise of the Tea Party has largely subsided. Some Tea Partiers may still be all fired up, but the days of when it seemed like these angry activists were going to hulk out en masse are behind us.

Even worse, the NAACP’s resolution only served to rile up the reverse-racism-obsessed Cult of White Victimhood, whose primary means of rebuttal has been to claim that the noted civil rights organization is in fact racist and not the Tea Party. Ugh.

All of this serves to confirm the us-against-them worldview of the Cult of White Victimhood and the NAACP. The NAACP resolution spurs the Cult of Whitey to action and the Cult of Whitey’s actions only confirm the NAACP’s charges, creating a perpetual emotion machine of paranoid asshattery. Fuck them both.

Which brings us to Bill O’Reilly. As expected, the Fox News host has something to say about all of this, and not surprisingly he is pointing the finger back at the NAACP for being racist hypocrites.

We didn’t hear a word about the New Black Panther Party from the NAACP, even though they’re involved in a huge controversy with the Justice Department.

So a case could be made that the NAACP is color-blind on racism. If blacks are the perpetrators, they ignore it. Or am I wrong?

Now for those of you who are now going, “Yeah, O’Reilly’s right. Why isn’t the NAACP upset about the New Black Panther Party?” (and believe you me, there are a lot of you asking this question), I’ve got your answer.

And I have to say that Bill, Rush, Hannity, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, and Fox & Friends have it all wrong.

The truth is that the NAACP has ignored the New Black Panther Party because they’ve got a really crappy looking website. And when I say crappy, I’m talking like Geocities circa 1995.

Now for those who think I’m being flippant, yeah, I am, but there’s a bigger point here: If the New Black Panther Party actually had more than a handful of members, they’d have the money to hire a decent web guy or at least have a member with the web skills to do something all pretty and modern like. But they don’t.

And neither does the Aryan Nations. (That site is truly atrocious.)

But various Tea Party groups do:

Like the Tea Party Patriots.

And the Tea Party Express.

And the St. Louis Tea Party.

And the San Antonio Tea Party.

And the Charleston Tea Party.

Make of that what you will.

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