Pop up shops and trunk shows have long been the dominion of ladies in Charleston, but that’s about to change. New York-based menswear company Bonobos is making a stop at Cynthia Rowley next week. While the company, established in 2007, mostly operates online, they occasionally branch out into pop-up shop territory.

Bonobos founders Brian Spaly and Andy Dunn were students at Stanford Business School when Brian began altering his own pants, and friends started demanding his services. Now the company is known for its "better-fitting" pants, along with staples like polos, blazers, and accessories. The pants range from $88-$295.

Check out the Bonobos line at Cynthia Rowley on Thurs. Aug. 12 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. There will be sweet tea bourbon cocktails and beer, and the Bluestone Ramblers will provide musical entertainment. If you can’t make the launch party, the Bonobos line will be available at the store through Aug. 25. For more info, call (843) 577-8013.

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