It just goes by so, so fast. And now we’ll have to wait an entire year before we can do it all over again. Sigh. Say a tearful goodbye to Shark Week at the S.C. Aquarium.

If you can’t get a date in a natural way, like through a friend or an internet dating website, just buy yourself one instead at the Bachelor Bid Bash.

It’s big. It’s local. It’s the B.I.G. and Local Expo.

Charleston Young Professionals will host its Black Tie Blue Jean Summer Soiree on Saturday night and the League of Charleston Theatres is throwing a Gin and Jazz party.

The Waterfront Art Gallery is closing its doors, but not before they host a grand finale.

Theatre 99 has Bingo Improv, Doppelganger!, and The Have Nots! shows.

The RiverDogs take on the Savannah Sand Gnats through the weekend. The Trip Page Classic golf tournament goes down on Saturday. Or get in on the game at the Tennis Block Party at the Family Circle Cup Stadium.

It’s your last chance to solve the mystery in Don’t Try to Wake Him, Hand me the Shovel, or you can follow the breadcrumbs to Ginger: A Hansel & Gretel Tale.

This weekend’s a pretty art-tastic one. It’s a first Friday, after all, so check out the galleries in the French Quarter. Wells Gallery has Duo, SCOOP has Rite of Passage: Solo Cups, and Imaging Arts has What is Charleston to You?

And you should probably extend your art walk a little north to St. Philip Street, where Redux presents I Am Two With Nature. Artists Cari Freno and Travis Graves will lecture before the opening begins.

In Soviet Russia, art looks at you! No it doesn’t. But you can learn what happened to art in the U.S.S.R. when you watch Desert of Forbidden Art in Park Circle.

Some of the bands featured on Charleston Sound’s I Got Music: Volume 2 will perform together at Monster Music & Movies. It’s like listening to the record, but in real life.

Join author Matthew Gavin Frank at a Trattoria Lucca dinner inspired by his book, Barolo.

And hey, at least there’s a tax break this weekend.

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