Dear concerned stranger: Thank you so much for threatening to call the police on me because I was leaving my child in a car when I went into the store. Yes, I know it is summer and cars get hot. Yes, I know that children and dogs die every day in cars. Yes, I know it is a horrible thing to do and if you do it you should get in trouble. But my child is 15! And has a driver’s license! And he just wanted to sit in the car and listen to his iPod and not go to the store with his mom! He is old enough and smart enough to open a door if he gets hot. But that was not good enough for you; you needed to make sure I was punished for being a bad parent. Believe it or not, I have been a parent long enough to know how to do it. So the next time, please turn your attention and ire to people who are really breaking the law and leave me and my son out of it. He’s embarrassed enough to be around me at this age and this didn’t help things any. So thanks for your help, we REALLY appreciated it!

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