The Town of James Island is managing a number of transitional hiccups with a new administration, including where it’ll land online. The town’s long-running domain,, is in the hands of former Mayor Mary Clark.

When she first established the site, Clark retained ownership of the domain, citing a concern that it would be confiscated along with other town property if the town lost a court battle over its right to incorporate.

With new Mayor Bill Woolsey and a new Town Council (only Councilman Leonard Blank was re-elected), one of the first decisions was to end a controversial webmaster contract awarded to Clark’s son, Julian Clark. The domain still provides information on permits, as well as the town’s address, operating hours, and contact information, but it has dropped a link to a list of elected officials.

New Councilwoman Robin Welch said the town couldn’t wait for Clark to hand over the old site and has established The site temporarily will redirect to the old site. Warren Sloane, one of the candidates who ran against Woolsey and Clark in the August elections, has a similar domain,, which he has offered the town.

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