If you’ve read this week’s story on Nikki Haley, then you know that three influential members of the SCGOP — Dave Woodard, Cyndi Mosteller, and John Rainey — have publicly turned against the Republican gubernatorial nominee.

Woodard is a Clemson University political science prof, consultant, and close friend to both Jim DeMint and Gresham Barrett. Mosteller is the former chair of the Charleston Republican Party and a former vice chair of the SCGOP. Rainey is chairman of the S.C. Board of Economic Advisors and a member of the Palmetto Institute board.

Well, now word has come out that Woodard and Mosteller have formed an anti-Haley group, Committee for Truth in Politics, seeking to “start an educational campaign in order to find the truth on various issues as they relate to the Nikki Haley for Governor Campaign.” The group officially announced its formation yesterday. At four today, the pair have scheduled their first press conference.

Not surprisingly, Will Folks has something to say about all of this, in particular Mosteller’s request that Haley, Folks, and Larry Marchant (Nikki’s second alleged paramour) sign statements swearing to the truthfulness of their public comments.

In a press release out this afternoon, FITSNews blogger Folks says that he will not release further information which may prove a relationship with Haley, but he will “sign an affidavit under oath attesting to the fact that [he] had an inappropriate physical relationship with Representative Haley during the Spring of 2007 — and that this relationship included multiple instances of improper sexual contact….”

Now, you may not think highly of Folks. That’s fine. You’re not alone. But plenty of folks in the GOP think highly of Mosteller and Woodard, particularly the diehards in the heart of the SCGOP, the Upstate.

Hmm. I wonder what Woodard’s good buddy DeMint thinks about all of this? I mean, I certainly find it curious that he has been strangely silent about supporting Haley. Which is odd because DeMint doesn’t have a problem with backing Tea Party candidates in races all across the country. Maybe he’ll surprise us and say something the coming days.

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