For the majority of the 2010 MLB season, the Atlanta Braves led their division. It looked as if the Bravos were going to give Manager Bobby Cox one helluva farewell. But then they started losing. Currently, Chipper and Co. are six games behind the Phillies and fighting for a wild card.

SCGOP gubernatorial candie Nikki Haley has found herself in a similar situation. Following a string of embarrassing reports — Haley failed to pay taxes on time and was paid thousands of dollars to do consulting and/or fundraising work for companies which may have benefited from her role as a legislator — Haley’s once commanding lead against her Democratic opponent Vincent Sheheen has tightened.

According to a report conducted Thursday night after a press conference held by two influential members of the SCGOP who have publically turned against Haley, the GOP gubernatorial nominee now only leads Sheheen by four points in a poll of likely voters.

The poll conducted by Crantford & Associates also showed that U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint still maintains a substantial lead over Alvin Greene. Fifty-six of those polled planned to vote for DeMint while only 23 percent planned to vote for the Manning mystery man.

Conservatives for Truth in Politics (TIP) has called on Haley to “to address several issues personally and specifically. The questions are surrounding issues of her involvement of asking lobbyists and lobbyist principals for money for the foundation in which she worked. The releasing of all e-mails and tax returns in the manner in which her opponent, Vince Sheheen did. TIP also asked her to provide more detail into the habitual late filings of her personal and business taxes.”

TIP was founded by former Charleston County Republican Party chair and SCGOP vice chair Cyndi Mosteller and Dave Woodward, a Clemson University political science professor and consultant who calls Jim DeMint and Gresham Barrett among his personal friends.

TIP also points out that although Haley has spoken out against Obamacare, she and her husband Michael receive “government subsidized health care.”

“I’m not saying it’s good or bad, we just would like an explanation on why it’s good for her and not others?” said Mosteller.

The TIP press release did not mention the affair claims made by FITSNews blogger Folks and Republican consultant Marchant, although both Mosteller and Woodard have publicly said that these allegations need to be addressed and that Haley has failed to adequately do so. Both Folks and Marchant have historically been allies with Haley.

Folks is currently shopping a tell-all book about the Haley affair and undisclosed details about the FITSNews blogger’s time as Gov. Mark Sanford’s spokesman.

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