The windows at WOK are papered up with realtor signs; the space is immediately available for lease. The restaurant’s Facebook status claims that they are relocating and blames the closure on a dispute with the landlord: “As part of the settlement for a lawsuit … WOK has agreed to drop the lawsuit, and cut business relations.” (You’ll have to jump over to Facebook to see the full allegations, which we haven’t been able to verify independently.)

Snooping around online, we found that the restaurant itself has been up for sale since at least the beginning of January: “Charleston’s only Certified Green Restaurant features an open design exhibition kitchen, sushi bar, full indoor dining room and outdoor patio dining. … Agent makes no representations as to the sales, expenses and operations of the business whatsoever. Buyer must perform all necessary due diligence on the business.”

We’ve got a call into the listing agent to see if they can offer some insight into this alleged dispute. As for the relocation of WOK. I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one, but they’re promising to reopen in a new space with the same “staff, food, and good times.”

In the meantime, if anyone is looking for a turnkey restaurant on King Street, here’s your chance. The entire building is for sale for a cool $1.4 million.

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