Doug Deming

Critically acclaimed singer/guitarist Doug Deming is in town for several engagements during the ongoing Lowcountry Blues Bash.

The Detroit-based jump/blues veteran brought his band to the Reel Bar in Mt. Pleasant last night. The Jewel Tones — bassist Bob Conner and drummer Charlie Koltak — invited harp player Dennis Gruenling — a revered harmonica man, based in Florida — on this Charleston jaunt.

Deming’s twangy and tastefully distorted electric guitar tones lean toward vintage East Coast rockabilly of the 1950s the classic Chicago blues of the 1960s. “We have no gimmicks,” Deming says in a press release. “We play pure traditional music from the heart, with an image that conveys a deep respect for the genre.”

Dennis Gruenling

Deming and the Jewel Tones recently released an album titled Falling Through the Cracks. Gruenling and Kim Wilson (formerly of the Fabulous Thunderbirds) provided harp on the tracks.

On Monday evening, the group hits the Blind Tiger at 9 p.m. on Mon. Feb. 7.

Admission is free. Visit and for more.

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