Gov. Nikki Haley promised after the election that she’d be crisscrossing the state for town hall meetings to continue hearing from you. Well, the governor has made good on the promise to crisscross the state, but it sounds like she’s more interested in you hearing from her.

As we crisscrossed South Carolina during the campaign, what I told each of you was that this wasn’t the last time you’d hear from me. In fact, I told you that you’d hear from me often because I want to make sure you know what goes on in your state government. That’s why I hope you’ll join us on “The Movement” tour — a series of town hall events we’re going to hold in every region of the state. This is where we’ll discuss our agenda, your role in helping us realize it, and the new legislative report cards that will track whether your legislators support pro-business, good government reforms. We’ll also invite your legislators to attend.

So, this is basically a chance to advertise whatever website that Haley will be using to push her slate of legislative candidates heading into 2012. Nothing wrong with that, she basically ran on a promise to hold the legislature accountable. That being said, when we have to go back and find where the relationship between Haley and the legislature fell apart, this would likely be a good place to bookmark.

Caution: If you have the chance to talk with the governor at this town hall rally, watch your mouth. She will talk smack on her Facebook page.

Event details below…

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