Suede in Mt. Pleasant

Describing itself as “South Carolina’s first and only supper club,” the newly opened Suede Supper Club celebrated a grand opening last week in Mt. Pleasant. It’s “fine food, drinks, and premium entertainment,” they say.

Located in the Lafayette Village where the lounge and music venue Henry’s on the Boulevard previously stood (816 Johnnie Dodds Blvd.), Suede is quite swanky with a martini bar vibe. The owners totally renovated the space, dividing the venue into three luxurious main rooms on two floors.

The menu is an eclectic mix of tapas, entrées, and desserts. The front lounge features a full bar and spacious seating. The back lounge (across the “Chinese wall”) has several velvety nooks, a large dance floor, and a corner stage and sound system. Live cover bands and DJs are scheduled every weekend.

DJ Elementz (of Vibrant Soundz) and DJ C-Nile have been spinning dance music all month.

Call (843) 606-2940 or check out for more info.

Suede Supper Clubs main bar

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