Nikki Haley is a pleaser.

She’s a go-getter.

She’s a bubbly Barbie of peachy vibes and a disciple of the power of positive thinking before leaping.

When answering questions during interviews, she dives in head-first each and every time without looking to see if it’s the deep end she’s jumping into or the shallow reflecting pool that stands in front of the Nikki Haley Memorial. You know the one I’m talking about: the monument to Darling Nikki’s greatness that will one day appear in Washington D.C. when her days have become one long guest appearance on Fox News interspersed with out-of-body fundraisers in New York City, Paris, and Beijing — just as the prophets foretold.

There’s the time she gave herself a grade of “A+++.”

And the time she said her administration had made “no mistakes.”

And the time she said, “There was no password. The password was where I graduated from high school.”

And the time she said, “WACH FOX 57 is a tabloid news station and has no concept of journalism.”

Well, now Gov. Haley’s done it again.

In an interview with Fox Carolina, the Fox affiliate out of Greenville, the governor was asked about the controversial Voter ID bill that Haley signed into law. When asked to address complaints that the law discriminated against blacks, the elderly, and college students, Haley replied, “Find me those people who think that this is invading their rights — find — and I will go take them to the DMV myself and help them get that picture ID.”

Free rides to the DMV? Hell, I’m sure we could find all kinds of folks right here in the demilitarized NoMo neighborhood of Charleston who could use a ride to the DMV to get an ID. That is if the good governor is really offering. I’m not really sure if Haley’s for realz or if she’s just talking out of her ass once again.

So, I sent her press sec Rob Godfrey an email; Haley’s press office said this was how to get in touch with him.

I’m waiting for a reply from Rob, but this is what I sent:

Hey Rob,

Chris Haire of the Charleston City Paper here.

Just finished watching the Nikki Haley interview on Fox Carolina. When she was addressing those who say that Voter ID unfairly targets blacks, the elderly, and college students, she said that she would “personally” drive anyone who needs an ID to the DMV to get one.

Three things:

1. When does Nikki plan to begin offering this service?
2. Will Nikki be paying for the gas money out of her own pocket or is there perhaps money already set aside to accomplish this?
3. If I collect a few people who need IDs so they can vote by the end of next week — I realize you guys have a tight schedule what with all those trips to NYC and France and all — will Nikki be able to make it down here to give them a ride? I hate to get their hopes up.

Thanks, man, and have a good day.

(As a side note: Haley also noted in her Fox Carolina interview that even if she was asked to be VP, she would say no.)

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