Yesterday’s post on Lone Starfish Rick Perry’s locker room face-off with Ron Paul illustrates the problem with writing about the Texas Congressman.

1. It’s good for hit whoring, i.e. driving up webpage hits.

2. No matter what you say about Ron Paul — and in my case, it’s that he’s the one GOP candie with a true fiscally conservative agenda and, in addition to Jon Huntsman, one of the few runners willing to tell the social conservatives to bugger off — if there is one bit of criticism leveled toward Dr. Libertarian, the Paulirati will pounce on you like Calista Gingrich on a piece of jewelry from Tiffany’s.

Oh well. Sometimes you just can’t win. And neither will Paul. (As I’ve said before, the GOP establishment will not allow it, and as one poster pointed out, the American voter is an easily led beast that will follow their Fox News-MSNBC masters to the shallowest of partisan pools of water.)

Of course, it really doesn’t matter. Obama’s a virtual shoe-in, despite the bad job market and a general dissatisfaction among diehard libs (See, This Guy.) Which is why we’re getting a bunch of GOP also-rans in the race — in addition to the esteemed doctor.

And for months now, pundits and politicos have been speculating that Hillary Clinton could be enticed to enter the race.

Well now, Hillary has made it official: She’s not going to challenge her boss.

According to a Live 5 report:

Clinton says there’s a “below zero” chance that she will challenge Obama. The Secretary of State told CNN that she is happy with her current job.

When asked whether the former senator would get back into politics, she said she “doesn’t think so.”

Now, Sec. Clinton is always free to change her opinion, but in the case of the former statement, you can be quite comfortable she won’t run, but in regards to the latter statement, Clinton will likely change her mind, depending on whether or not Obama ends his second term on a high note, which chances are he will. (The economy will more than likely bounce back by then and America will be going strong — despite the meddlings of Barack and Congress.)

That said, if Obama goes out with a whimper — and right now, he’s a whimpering pup who will roll over whenever John Boehner commands it — word is that Clinton wants a spot on the Supreme Court.

That’s a ways off, of course. But for now, you can be assured that Hillary will stay out of the 2012 race. Unlike Nikki Haley, who has said she absolutely will not accept a GOP VP invitiation, I think we can take Clinton at her word.

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