Today is a sad day. One that will go down in infamy. It is the day that I learned that NBC is one step closer to canceling three of my favorite shows: Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, and Community.

So far, NBC has renewed both Community and 30 Rock for abbreviated, 13-episode seasons beginning in the fall. And in the case of the Tina Fey comedy, the shortened season will be treated as one last, series-finale hurrah.

While it’s something of a victory that Community is returning, the show has been on NBC’s cancelation short list for some time. One can only assume that next season is the Dan Harmon-helmed show’s one last attempt to win some Nielsen-ratings love or be given a one-way ticket to TV Land.

The fate of Parks and Rec at this point is uncertain, but word is that it will also return for what will be an abbreviated, final season as well.

Truth be told, I’m cool with the cancellation of 30 Rock. Tina Fey’s showbaby had shat itself years ago. But as full as the diaper was, it hadn’t really begun to stink. At least not if you stood upwind while huffing spray paint and Vicks Vaporrub.

And Parks and Recreation, well, the addition of Rob Lowe two seasons ago was like a breath of fresh air, a much-needed wheatgrass smoothie that revitalized the show. But this year, Leslie Knope and the rest of the City of Pawnee crew devolved into strange, one-dimensional workplace archetypes: the delusional but gleefully chipper leader, the grizzled and gruff man’s man, the lazy admin, the wisecracking minority worker, the even more wisecracking minority worker, the clueless fat guy, the space cadet, the good-hearted, hardworking girl, and the overworked, smirking everyman. Note to NBC. I like The Office. A lot. But I don’t need to see two episodes back to back.

But Community. Now, that is an American tragedy. Right up there with the cancelation of Star Trek, Arrested Development, and Profit. It’s a show that is still in its prime. In fact, this year has been Community’s best thanks to stellar parodies of Ken Burns’ The Civil War and Law and Order. (RIP Starburns.)

You guys are bigger assholes than Chevy Chase. I hope Bill Murray kicks your ass too.

But now, for whatever reason, the powers that be have turned their attention to my favorite new show of the year, “The 2012 Presidential Race.” And boy oh boy, have they ever fucked that one up.

See, somebody, somewhere, decided that what “The 2012 Presidential Race” needed was a storyline about bullying. Ugh.

Look, I know bullying is all the rage right now thanks to Glee and Dan Savage and that damn documentary that every parent in America must see for the sake of their children. But this move on the part of the folks behind “The 2012 Presidential Race” just seems so fucking desperate. What’s next, vampires? Chicks with bows and arrows? Attachment moms and their breast-sucking four-year-olds?

Seriously, Hollywood, couldn’t you have come up with something better? Next time, try to stay ahead of the curve.

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