It happens to every movement, every trend, every cause, and every meme. At some point, it enters its Creed years. And today it has happened to the so-called War on Women. Let me explain.

At the dawn of the Grunge Era, there was Green River and Soundgarden. And it was good.

And then came Mudhoney, Mother Love Bone, Screaming Trees, Tad, and Alice in Chains. And it was even better.

And then came Nirvana and Pearl Jam. And Grunge was triumphant. The climb was over. The only way left was down.

And so came a long line of pretenders, from Stone Temple Pilots to Candlebox and Bush. The Grunge years were coming to an end. But the worst was yet to come.

And so a beast of wretchedness and putrescence was born, a creature that was so hideously deformed that it bore virtually no resemblance to that from which it was spawned. That foul thing was called Creed, and they sucked like no other band before them.

And although Creed co-opted the sounds and looks of the Grunge bands that came before them, they were not the same. They were prefab posers, the opposite of what the Seattle scene stood for. They were the servants of the corporate music world that Grunge had fought against.

Today, the War on Women has entered its Creed years thanks to the more spin-minded members of the Right Wing punditocracy and their twisted take on what has been affectionately termed Pinata-Gate. The term the War on on Women has now been co-opted by the very group whose antagonistic stances toward women actually led to the creation of the phrase in the first place: the Republicans.

As you may recall, the much ballyhooed War on Women began when the Republican Party and its surrogates suddenly — and quite strangely — launched a renewed assault on abortion and the Pill. And it all culminated when the King Junkie of Talk Radio, Rush Limbaugh, called Sandra Fluke, a young college-aged girl, a slut. The masses soundly renounced Limbaugh and cursed these newly proposed restrictions and their supporters. And so, the GOP suffered a setback in the 2012 campaign. Their chances of victory in November were diminished.

However, when video footage surfaced yesterday of former S.C. AFL-CIO head Donna DeWitt beating a pinata decorated with an image of Nikki Haley’s face, they saw an opportunity to regain the ground they had lost in the War on Women, a war they themselves had started. And so they proclaimed that it is not the GOP that has been waging this war — despite all evidence to the contrary — it is the Democratic Party.

In an article entitled, “‘Civil’ War on Women: SC AFL-CIO President Beats Pinata of Nikki Haley,” Katie Pavlich of the writes:

The question now is, will President Obama call Haley to apologize for Dewitt’s behavior as he did with liberal activist Sandra Fluke? After all, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is one of Obama’s most frequent White House visitors and was his guest of honor at this year’s State of the Union Address.

Meanwhile, Human Events’ John Hayward notes in an post titled “War on Women update: AFL-CIO president clubs Nikki Haley piñata”:

I think we just might have a “War on Women” incident here! What would the constipated liberal guardians of “civility” say about video of a Tea Party event where Sandra Fluke was clubbed in effigy? Or Michelle Obama? Or how about a female Democrat governor, like Christine Gregoire of Washington State, or Beverly Perdue of North Carolina? (Okay, they might let a Bev Perdue piñata slide.)

Remember when President Obama was furiously milking the Sandra Fluke affair for all it was worth, and said that he wouldn’t want his daughters to be treated like Fluke if they decided to go into politics someday? Would he want their faces printed on piñatas and pounded with clubs by their political opponents, while a crowd screamed “Whack her again!”

Of course, for an incident to be included in the short list of battles in the War on Women, women must be under attack for the sheer fact that they are women.

When Rush called Sandra Fluke a slut, he was attacking her very sexuality and displaying a type of misogynistic hypocrisy that has no place in modern America.

When the Virginia General Assembly championed a pre-abortion ultrasound bill, they were attacking a women’s fundamental right to decide what is best for her and her body.

And when Rick Santorum spoke against the Pill, he was attacking a liberating force in the lives of many women, a means by which they could chart their own destinies apart from their traditional roles as only wives and mothers.

But Donna Dewitt. She hit a pinata because Nikki Haley hates unions and wants them out of South Carolina. It’s not because Haley is a woman and certainly not because she’s a minority. Either Hayward or Pavlich don’t realize this or they’re just hacks of the lowest order. Either way, they deserve pinatas of their own.

And believe you me, I’d love to take the first whack.

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