School’s started, which means that plenty of groups are looking for volunteers to mentor high schoolers, help with homework and more. Check out our favorites below.

Be A Mentor – Be A Mentor is looking for caring mentor’s for Charleston’s youth. Time commitment varies based on program. (843) 554-5987.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters – Matches positive adults with tri-county children, ages 6-16. (843) 266-5229.

Carolina Youth Development Center – Looking for volunteers to answer phones and perform light administrative duties two to three days per week. 5055 Lackawanna Blvd., North Charleston. Ongoing. Carolina Youth Development Center, 5055 Lackawanna Blvd. (843) 266-5218.

Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission – The CCPRC has numerous activities going on year-round that require volunteer assistance. Karen Nugent, (843) 762-8062.

Charleston Parks Conservancy – The Charleston Parks Conservancy is seeking volunteer Park Angels to help maintain Charleston’s parks and green spaces, assist with fund-raising for the nonprofit, and spread the word about Charleston parks. Ongoing.

Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry – Volunteer opportunities are available in a wide range of areas. Opportunies available for teens. (843) 853-8962 x208.

Communities In Schools – A group that keeps children from dropping out of school needs mentors, tutors, job shadowing opportunities, and other volunteer assistance. (843) 740-6793.

Ebony City Soccer Club Ebony City Soccer Club is looking for volunteer coaches to help work with youth on the peninsula. Guaranteed to be fun and rewarding. ECSC is one of the oldest soccer clubs serving African-American children in the nation. Ongoing. (843) 722-5519.

Face the World – It is placing season for 15-to-18 year old international students coming in August to attend local high schools. The students have their own spending money, own medical insurance and speaks good English. Ongoing. (843) 763-1803.

Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina – Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina is seeking volunteers to help with all aspects of Girl Scouting, including programs, membership efforts, and more. (843) 552-9910.

Lowcountry Earth Force – A nonprofit that engages youth as active citizens who improve the environment and their communities now and in the future. LEF has many exciting volunteer opportunities this spring. (843) 720-8525.

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