The next major fundraising event for Nick Collins, the Fowler’s Moustache singer/guitarist who was critically injured in an August car accident, will take place at Awendaw Green on Sun. Sept. 23 from 1-9 p.m. Performing bands include Sol Driven Train, Acousticmuffin, the Reckoning, Ten Toes Up, Danielle Howle with Firework Show, the Killer Whales, Stained Glass Wall, and Collins’ own band.

“Nick and his family have been good friends of Awendaw Green and have helped us connect good people to good causes through music,” says venue owner Eddie White. “What a better cause than helping to raise funds to help with his medical bills and to allow him to rebuild his life after his tragic accident?”

White first met Collins when Collins’ father was hosting a fundraiser at Mt. Pleasant Waterfront Park. “We jumped in then and have seen Nick and the incredibly giving guys in Fowler’s Mustache give back many, many times,” White says. “The band has grown musically, as their friendship has.”

Collins is still in the hospital recovering from his serious injuries. There will also be a Chucktown After 5 benefit on Oct. 5, and musician Luke Cunningham is donating 100 percent of download sales from his Songs About California (Live From 105.5FM Charleston Sound Sessions) between now and Oct. 1 to Collins.

For more info, visit his CaringBridge page or the NACWins website.

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