Imagine the scenario: It’s approaching Halloween week and you’re broke. Your best friend calls to rave about how awesome her expensive costume is and it completely bums you out. You look around your room and see a trash bag, an empty box, and your white dress shirt that has yet to be placed in your hamper. Little do you know, you have three costumes sitting on your bedroom floor. Prepare to be amazed, because we’re here to give you some awesome ideas for a homemade costume that will cost approximately zero dollars.

Night One: What to make with a box.

Franzia box of wine
What else you’ll need: Head to Kinko’s to make a large print of the Franzia label, which you cleverly found on Google and put on a flash-drive to take to the printer.

Glue the print to two sides of a large white box and cut holes for your head, legs, and arms. For a realistic effect, you can place a bag of wine inside and cut a hole to pour from your box all night long.

One night stand
What else you’ll need: a lamp shade big enough to fit your head, a picture frame, and an alarm clock.

Cut holes in the top, bottom, and sides of the box big enough to fit to your body. Use a glue gun to glue the frame and clock to the top of the box and place the lamp shade on your head.

God’s Gift to Men/Women
What else you’ll need: a giant gift-bow, wrapping paper, white poster paper, and a black Sharpie.

Create a gift-tag saying “To: Men (or Women) From: God” from the white poster paper. Wrap the box in wrapping paper and cut holes for your legs and waist so that the box sits around your waist line. Glue the gift tag to the front and place the giant bow on your head.

Night two: What to make with a white bed sheet

What else you’ll need: scissors, white pants, white long-sleeve shirt (preferably a turtleneck), and safety pins.

Lay out the bed sheet and cut 2 to 3 inch slits down the side. Tear them up the length of the sheet — they’ll add a great frayed look to the edges. Once you’re done with that, start wrapping the pieces around your body, safety pinning them (or if you’re handy with sewing tools, sewing them) as you go. When you’re finished layering and wrapping, wrap pieces around your head, and apply some baby powder to your face and heavy black eyeliner to your eyes.

What else you’ll need: scissors, black belt, safety pins, white shorts, black marker or paint.

Paint black spots all over one side of the sheet and let dry. Fold the sheet to drape from your collar bone to your knees. Wrap it around your body so that the end of the sheet is on your back. You’ll need an assistant at this point to safety pin the top and bottom closed. This will create what looks like a tube dress. Put the black belt around your waist, paint on a black nose and put your hair into pigtails. For a group costume, rope in a few friends to make the costume with you and someone can dress up as Cruella Deville.

Grecian God or Goddess
What else you’ll need: safety pins, a metal hanger, wire cutters, leaves, and tape.

Create a classic toga with the bed sheet. Take the hanger, cut off the hook, and then shape it into a circle round enough to fit your head. Glue large leaves (which you can buy at a craft store or Walmart) and tape them around the hanger for your grecian head dress. You can find a tutorial on how to make a toga with a sheet and the headpiece here.

Night Three: What to make with a dress shirt, wayfarer sunglasses, and tube socks.

Risky Business
What else you’ll need: A hairbrush and boxer shorts.

Mary Kathryn Gallagher
What else you’ll need: A plaid skirt, a headband, black vest or cardigan, a black handkerchief or bandanna to tie around your neck, and pop the lenses out of the sunglasses.

Walk of shame
What else you’ll need: Drop the tube socks and throw on a pair of heels. Use one of your white dress shirts or borrow a larger one from someone and wear a pair of shorts underneath. Make your hair a little messy, smear some lipstick, and voila! You’re the walk of shame.

Night Four: What to make with other random stuff around the house.

Katniss Everdeen
What you’ll need: Black hooded jacket, black straight leg jeans, an orange back pack and a side braid.

Bag of Jelly Beans
What you’ll need: A clear trash bag, twist ties, and colored balloons.

Inflate the colored balloons to be a little bit bigger than a softball. Cut a hole in the bottom of the bag to put your head through. Once all of the balloons are in the bag, tie the top together around your legs.

What you’ll need: Bright colored dress (or shirt for a guy), a piece of white poster paper, and a black Sharpie.

Cut half of the poster paper into a circle and draw the iPod buttons. The second half can be cut into a square for the screen and you can draw your favorite song onto it. Safety pin the pieces to your dress or shirt.

Pizza delivery guy

What you’ll need: A left over pizza box, a hooded jacket, and a baseball cap.

Happy costuming!

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