Tomorrow is election day and you’ll be making some important choices. You know, there’s president, general assembly, school board, and which free giveaways you’ll be cashing in on after you cast your vote. If an overwhelming sense of national pride and civic conviction isn’t enough of a benefit after standing in line to vote, we’ve pulled together a few things you’ll be able to take advantage of just for sporting your “I Voted” sticker.

Know of any other deals that you don’t see here? Let us know!

Tacos at Bon Banh Mi!
Stop by Bon Banh Mi on Spring St. with your sticker, get a free taco. Enough said.

Free cuppa joe at Normandy Farm bakery
How ’bout a free cup of coffee for your sticker at Normandy Farm Artisan Bakery on Broad St.?

$2 off your Kung Fu ticket at the Pour House Tuesday night
Kung Fu, the Connecticut-based funk quintet with Holy City roots, will bump it on election night at the Pour House. Besides, you’ll need that $2 just in case Obama is re-elected.

Free beer at Mellow Mushroom
Drown your sorrows or celebrate a big win as the returns come in at Mellow Mushroom, where you can get a free beer with your “I Voted” sticker.

Get your ‘Indivisible’ bracelets at Starbucks
Walk away from your morning coffee run with a little something extra on your wrists on Election Day as Starbucks marks the the first year of its Create Jobs USA program in conjunction with Opportunity Finance Network.

Sweet deals at Sweet 185
The fine folks at Sweet 185 on Upper King promise 15% off anything in the boutique all day on Tuesday if you show ’em your “I Voted” sticker.

10% off at Angel Oak Restaurant
Angel Oak Restaurant on Johns Island will knock 10% off your total bill if you wear your sticker to lunch or dinner on Tuesday.

Votes = vino at Al di La
Your sticker will earn you a glass of wine Tuesday at West Ashley trattoria Al di La.

Free car washes at West Ashley Kia dealer
Wear your sticker to Kia Country of Charleston on Savannah Hwy. just past 526 in West Ashley and receive a free car wash.

25% off at Yoga House of Charleston
Help your wallet find its balance at Yoga House of Charleston in West Ashley: 25% off retail purchases with your sticker.

10% off at Hello My Name is BBQ
The world headquarters of your favorite barbecue food truck is offering 10 percent off. Their special today: the Doomsday, a Holy City barbecue sandwich topped with caramelized onions, barbecued bacon, jalapeños, and American cheese.

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