On the heels of the devastation from Hurricane Sandy, people across the nation are coming together to help raise money for the victims. Yo Burrito will hose a benefit tonight Fri. Nov. 9 with proceeds going directly to the American Red Cross. There will be $5 raffle tickets available with prizes such as an Affordabike beach cruiser, climbing passes from Coastal Climbing, and gift certificates (Think Barsa, the Recovery Room and for Charleston Rickshaw, Holy City Brewing, and more).

Yo Burrito will also donate sales from Dos Equis purchases to the cause. Several Charleston musicians will perform beginning at 6 p.m. including Jeff Dent, BYOG, and Blake Zahnd (from SunDawg) and friends. After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, YoBo hosted a similar benefit, which raised about $1,500.

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