NAACP president speaks to local group
NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Jealous spoke to the group’s Charleston organization Saturday night at its annual dinner.
Sources: Post and Courier

I-526 city council vote raises more questions about project
Charleston City Council’s request to transfer the half-billion dollar I-526 completion project has prompted many to raise more questions about the route of the controversial project.
Sources: Post and Courier

S.C. officials forced to explain $12M no-bid Experian contract
South Carolina officials say they contacted only credit monitoring firm Experian instead of going through a bidding process because the state had previously worked with the Irish company after a security breach at its Medicaid agency earlier this year.
Sources: Associated Press

2014 election season already warming up
Less than two weeks removed from the exhausting 2012 general election, some statewide candidates are already surveying the landscape of the upcoming 2014 cycle, which could see some fireworks as Nikki Haley faces a re-election fight. S.C. Democrats, who managed to come away with some gains in ’12, are looking back to see how they can take what they learned into the next election.
Sources: The State
Yes, the SC guv’s race started last week

Sexual assault case subject of CofC investigation
Details of a sexual assault reported in a College of Charleston dormitory were the subject of an eight-month investigation by school police and administrators, leading to one student being expelled and others, all on the school’s baseball team, being disciplined. The findings aren’t satisfactory to the victim’s father, who says his daughter dropped out of school after the incident.
Sources: Post and Courier
College cites privacy, fear of violence in withholding information
C of C president defends school’s response to allegations of sexual assault

CHS parking added ahead of holiday rush
Travelers flying through Charleston International Airport over the holidays may find it easier to park after more than 425 parking spots were added ahead of the busy Thanksgiving and Christmas travel season.
Sources: Post and Courier

Colorado captures Charleston Classic crown
Colorado gutted out wins against Auburn, Baylor, and finally Murray State to take the title at the in-season tournament Charleston Classic on Sunday. College of Charleston went 1-2 for the tournament, defeating Boston College Sunday afternoon.
Sources: Washington Post/AP, Post and Courier

Rachel Kate working on solo album
Itinerant Charleston musician Rachel Kate Gillon of the now-defunct Shaniqua Brown and The Local Honeys traveled to Columbia this summer to cut a 10-track album, Rachel Kate with Love and Hate, which is still in production.
Sources: Charleston City Paper

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