Charleston gathers proposals for Horizon neighborhood
Six development companies submitted proposals to be considered for the city’s Horizon Project, a major redevelopment of the area south of The Joe and the Citadel that’s about seven years in the making.
Sources: Post and Courier

City of Charleston could be harder foe for 526 nixers
As Charleston County Council considers the city’s request to transfer them the I-526 project, activists on both sides of the issue take stock on what it would mean for their cause.
Sources: Post and Courier
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Haley will deliver update on hacking scandal
Gov. Nikki Haley will hold a news conference Tuesday afternoon to provide an update on the Dept. of Revenue security breach, where she’s expected to release a report on the investigation into the September hack.
Sources: Associated Press
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Sheheen says CofC may have misunderstood law in assault case
State Sen. Vincent Sheheen, author of the 2007 Jessica Horton Act, which enables schools to ask for assistance in complicated cases requiring additional law enforcement expertise such as sexual assaults, says the College of Charleston may have interpreted the law differently in its handling of an April sexual assault case involving five student-athletes by itself rather than with a specially-trained law enforcement agency.
Source: Post and Courier

Lowcountry state senator faces election protest from GOP challenger
The Republican challenger to incumbent Sen. Clementa Pinckney is challenging the residency of her Democratic opponent, whose district covers southern Charleston and parts of Allendale, Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton, and Jasper Counties. Pinckney was declared the winner of the Nov. 6 election by a 2-1 margin.
Sources: Post and Courier
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State jobless rate drops a half-percent
The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce reports today that the state unemployment rate dropped 0.5% in October to 8.6%, down from 9.1% in September.
Sources: S.C. Radio Network, Post and Courier, The State

Scott carrying GOP’s burden?
U.S. Rep. Tim Scott becomes the only African-American Republican in Congress with the defeat of Rep. Allen West of Florida.
Sources: Politico

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