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SLED to investigate Harrell
On Thursday, the state Attorney General Alan Wilson directed the State Law Enforcement Division to mount an investigation into the speaker of the house, Charleston Rep. Bobby Harrell, to determine whether or not he used his office or campaign funds for personal benefit. Reports last year showed Harrell had reimbursed himself hundreds of thousands of dollars for flights on his personal plane using money from his campaign account.
Sources: Associated Press, The State, Post and Courier, Columbia Free Times

Ashley Hall incident could spark state, federal gun legislation
After U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s press conference Wednesday detailing the Ashley Hall gun incident last week, state Attorney General Alan Wilson said Thursday that he would support bi-partisan legislation to be introduced in the state House that would bar the mentally disturbed from buying guns. Charleston Democratic Rep. Leon Stavrinakis is expected to be a co-sponsor.
Sources: Post and Courier, Associated Press, Live 5 News, ABC News 4

SC-1: RedState backs Sanford, Colbert-Busch gets Riley’s blessing
Erick Erickson, conservative political pundit and founder of RedState.com hearkened back to former Governor and Congressman Mark Sanford’s tenure in the U.S. House in the late 1990s where he earned a reputation as an uncompromising conservative in his endorsement of Sanford in the 1st District special election. Charleston Mayor Joe Riley joined Elizabeth Colbert-Busch at a press conference Thursday to announce his support for the Democrat, who’s expected to meet the winner of the Republican primary in the general election.
Sources: RedState, Politico
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Gaillard dig discovers 25 gravesites
What started as an interesting find during the downtown Gaillard Auditorium reconstruction has escalated into a full-blown archaeological dig as crews have uncovered at least two dozen graves underground on the Calhoun St. site, some believed to date back to 1760.
Sources: Post and Courier, Live 5

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