We know what you’re thinking: It’s about time someone on Folly Beach dedicated an entire establishment to oysters, but the new Oyster Room is offering up much more than just snacks on a half shell. While they do provide a wide variety of oysters, they also have daily selections of fresh fish, as well as a full menu with meals both from sea and land, like a Bavette Butcher Block steak that they swear “cuts like butter.”

They’ve got wines by the glass, a “diverse” martini list, and craft cocktails. This place can seat 50 people, and with a promising chef like Eric Miller and a full bar, we bet the old Chill n’ Grill location will be happily serving up oysters for a long time.


(An earlier version of this post incorrectly identified the Oyster Room’s location as being 11 Center St. It is located at 14 Center St. in a decidedly non-cursed location.)

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