I met my temporary neighbor the other day (I’m the temporary Spoleto tenant) as he was heading to Folly with his board. When I saw him next, he said on his way to the beach he was passing the end of the line bus stop when a tall tan guy standing there pointed a finger Folly-ward. He stopped and picked up the Spanish surfer, who told him he was a member of some sort of circus.

I tracked down the surfer after the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucia performance Saturday night. He’s Adria Cordoncillo of acrobatic dance Compagnie XY. (He was the guy with the very thick black hair and long sideburns.)

“I surf whenever I can and I heard it was very good here,” he said.

I was assisted in my search for the surfer by another Compagnie XY performer, Anne Debuck, who was in my seat at Ballet Flamenco with her two too cute daughters. Yes, one of those flying, leaping, climbing women has two small children. The older child was learning the ropes, climbing on the handrails in the auditorium.

The 20 or so amazing flamenco dancers and their equally amazing seven-member band was performing to a full house — half of which seemed to me to be from Columbia. Across the aisle were several people I see frequently at home: USC President Harris Pastides and his wife Patricia and Columbia Museum of Art Director Karen Brosius and her husband Willson Powell (and a batch of others who have been in leadership roles at the museum for many years).

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