Nullify It – Left on the agenda this week in the state Senate is a bill that would bring a vote (State) on whether S.C. can ignore mandates set forth in the Affordable Care Act—a vote to nullify Obamacare. The measure was put back on the agenda as part of a deal with nullifiers to remove their block on state ethics reform legislation. So if Gov. Nikki Haley, Vincent Sheheen, and other South Carolina pols want to tout the passage of ethics reform this year may have the anti-Obamacare camp to thank (Patch). Among those supporting nullification is state Sen. Kevin Bryant, who you may remember (Wonkette) from that time he posted a picture on his blog saying, “The difference between Obama and Osama is a little B.S.”

Kiawah Partners – A Charlotte real estate investment firm, South Street Partners, has purchased Kiawah Partners (P&C) and its associated properties (CRBJ) on Kiawah Island, including Kiawah Island Club, Kiwwah Island Real Estate, Freshfields Village shopping center, and other holdings in Ireland and St. Kitts. Terms of the deal, which includes the remaining developable residential inventory on the sea island, the controversial planned development on Capt. Sam’s Spit, and two golf courses, were not disclosed, but the P&C used the word “blockbuster” in headlines for both its stories discussing the transaction, so there’s that.

Carolina vs. CarolinaUSC will meet the top overall seed UNC (G’Ville) in Chapel Hill this weekend in the NCAA Baseball Super Regionals ( after both teams advanced by winning on Monday. USC beat Liberty 6-4 to advance in with relative ease compared to the late-night, 13-inning win (News & Obs) needed to push UNC over Florida Atlantic after blowing a 9th inning lead off a FAU grand slam.

Charleston roads – Four high profile road projects could get key approval (P&C) from Charleston County Council tonight. On the block are: An Ashley River Bridge bike/ped lane, IOP Connector widening, Sam Rit and Ashley River Road intersection improvements, J.I. Connector and Calhoun St. intersection improvements.

Academic Magnets, how do they work? – Charleston County School District is bringing suit (P&C) against Clemson University and the city of North Charleston to settle who owns the no longer-used former campus of Academic Magnet High School on the Navy Base in North Charleston.

Union Pier – As the downtown cruise ship terminal expansion on what’s now the Union Pier shipping terminal remains in limbo, the storage space for break-bulk cargo—shipments that don’t fit neatly into containers like BMWs and grains—is about full-up (P&C). Noncontainerized volume spiked 42% in April, triggering cries from neighborhood groups and conservationists questioning the move, “if they’re going to continue this campaign of uncontrolled cruise business and on top of that add more activity to Union Pier, then that really doesn’t make sense,” says Coastal Conservation League’s Dana Beach.

Boeing – Boeing South Carolina will be allowed to compete (CRBJ) against the company’s Puget Sound facilities for future airplane programs like the 777X and 787-10X, according to Boeing officials, who call the move “a strategic vision for the company for the future.”

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