Nancy Mace, one of the newly-announced Republican challenger to U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, is catching heat today for a tweet calling Lindsey Graham “Nancy boy” which she recanted a few minutes after she reposted it on her personal-turned campaign Twitter account on Tuesday.

The original post from @PaulSteel4, a Florida Libertarian who loves Shark Week but hates the Royal Baby (strike two!), which was a reply directed toward Mace and read, “@nancymace we support you here in Florida . Nancy Mace vs Nancy boy graham,” was reposted and then deleted after 10 minutes accroding to Politiwhoops, a Sunlight Foundation project that archives politicians’ deleted tweets.

Mace’s unretweet was picked up by Politico, The Daily Caller, and FITSNews, the S.C. political gossip blog, in which Mace is a former stakeholder, that has admittedly delighted in giggling over questions about Graham’s sexual orientation for years. FITSNews’ Will Folks called the response a “manufactured controversy,” pointing to tweets by conservative Charleston activist Daniel Bostic (son of former County Councilmember Curtis Bostic), who accused Mace of using gay slurs against her opponent.

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