Coffin Syrup fans get ready for a scare. Your beloved Big Gore is going to bite the dust. Not in real life, mind you, but in the pages of the forthcoming horror comic Escape from Jesus Island by writer Shawn French and artist Mortimer Glum. In order to get their project off the ground, French and Glum turned to Kickstarter, and our man Gore made such a sizable donation he gets killed by the Antichrist himself.

In Escape, the nefarious folks at Regen Corp finds Christ’s DNA on the Shroud of Turin and attempt to clone him. They succeed. Unfortunately, they also end up producing a legion of mutants, not to mention the Antichrist himself. Yikes. Gore says, “The Vatican finds out and sends in a black ops team to rescue Jesus. All hell breaks loose.” And we would have it no other way.

Gore also “stars” in the comic as Cardinal Gore. “I’m part of the Fright Meter Awards, sort of an Oscars just for horror films. The awards committee is made up of directors, crew, bloggers, writers, and fans,” Gore says. “I met Escape from Jesus Island writer Shawn French when he joined the committee. They had a promotion going where if you invited your friends and got at least 50 to like the page, artist Mortimer Glum would mutate you. Thus I became Cardinal Gore, archbishop of oppression.”

According to Gore, the comic’s first issue should be available either this month or next. For more information, visit

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