Today, grassroots Republicans across the nation learned the horrible truth about U.S. Sen. Tim Scott: He’s a not the conservative champion they thought he was. He’s not the Great Black Hope the right-wing talkagentsia had assured them that he was. He’s not the Liberty Movement Lancelot they had all hoped would be brave enough to not only take on President Barack Obama but the corrupt GOP establishment, both of whom are working together to bankrupt our society, financially, morally, and spiritually.

Instead, these grassrooting righties have just learned what a lot of us in South Carolina already know about Tim Scott: he’s as bland as a half-chewed rice cake in a decidedly lukewarm bowl of resting-home porridge. 

From Scott’s time on Charleston County Council to the S.C.General Assembly to the U.S. House to now, he has few political achievements under his belt other than getting elected again and again. He is the consummate career politician, the kind that keeps his head down and who will be elected time and time again for no discernable reason other than he is a likable enough guy — oh, and he’s black.

Tim Scott is not a complicated guy, but he’s not a simple guy either. He’s a vague guy who stands for, well, what do you want him to stand for, because that’s it, but just don’t ask him to go on the record about that. Seriously, don’t, because taking a stand might anger somebody, and Guy Smiley Scott doesn’t like to anger anybody. 

But anger he has. In fact, more than a few Tea Partiers are right mad with Tim Scott. They urged him to stand with Sen. Cruz, like Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee did; after all, Scott  has long been a member of the defund Obamacare camp, or at least the talking points that stumbled out of his mouth like a frat bro toward a piss trough kegger indicated as much. However, when the time came to take a stand, Scott didn’t. In fact, no one seems to know exactly where Tim Scott was during Cruz’s entire 21-hour filimonster. Maybe he was binging on Breaking Bad. Maybe he was in a marathon Grand Theft Auto V session. Maybe he was live-blogging last night’s episode of The Voice under the alias, Uncle Tim’s Cabernet. Your guess is as good as anybody’s. But that didn’t stop Tim’s fans from noticing his absence.

On Twitter, many conservatives are now questioning their devotion to Sen. Scott. One asked, “Why are you NOT publically in there supporting Sen Cruz as you did Rand Paul? I respected you so much for that,” while another stated, “Why are you not supporting Ted Cruz? Show some spine.” Even worse, some are comparing Scott to his much-maligned Senate comrade, Lindsey Grahamesty, the across-the-aisle reach-arounder that Tea Partiers love to hate: “Why aren’t @GrahamBlog and Sen Tim Scott standing with Cruz? RINO’s.” And then there was this tweet from a voter who called Scott’s office: “Just hung up w/ @SenatorTimScott’s office, while they did give me the run around… At least they answered the phone.” And he wasn’t the only one who called Scott to urge him to stand with Cruz. Others did and, well, they got the same cold shoulder. Yikes.

Of course, none of this will hurt Tim Scott in the end, but the Liberty Movement wing of the grassroots GOP has fallen just a little out of love with him today. 

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