Jim Cantore is about as famous as they come for TV meteorologists. He’s a category 5 god of the green screen.

So, you can understand how excited everyone was at the College of Charleston on Tuesday to be hosting the NBC Universal weather supercell himself, broadcasting live from their downtown campus this afternoon and into the night awaiting the first signs of the slick stuff in the Lowcountry. People asked him to pose for pictures, politely asked him to correct his dateline when it said North Charleston instead of Charleston, heck, one guy even bought him a twelve-pack of beer.

But, you knew it was only a matter of time before the Cougarbros, fresh off rush week, caught wind of this and decided to sacrifice one of their own on national television. Because, you know, college.

And that’s what happened earlier this evening out in the Cistern Yard at CofC, when a one of Charleston’s “Woo!” dudes caught a stationary front to the midsection from Jim “The Knee” Cantore. Not phased one-single-freakin’ bit, but obviously a little annoyed (we know the feeling, Jim), Cantore finished the live shot, quipping, “obviously here at the College of Charleston, they’re already having a good time,” before tossing it to a Weather Channel colleague. The knee heard round the web even found its way onto Deadspin and Buzzfeed.

Whether the Holy City freezes over tonight or not, we can all raise a warm one to The Knee for doing us all a solid… aimed right at that dude’s crotch.

Here’s the full incident on YouTube:

YouTube video

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