Wine has always been sexy, all the way back to ancient Roman times. Wine-making itself is an intimate process, requiring constant care, patience, and nurturing. Sharing the right wine can be just as sensual. Like an unspoiled virgin, the wine patiently waits to be opened, to be smelled, tasted, and shared by the right person. Together we are going to explore three Valentine’s Day wine options. Each seductive and alluring in its own way. Just keep in mind, your evening’s vibe hinges on choosing the right bottle.

Sparkling Rosé

Of all the different styles of wine, sparkling is by far the sexiest. This wine is all about excitement and anticipation. The act of popping a bottle of Champagne, Prosecco, Franciacorta, Cava, or any other sparkling wine is dangerous, and when is danger not sexy? You have to take your time. If you rush there will be an explosion, and no one wants that. Bubbles are the right option for those who want to rev things up a bit on Valentine’s Day. The pop of the cork, the bubbles in the glass, and the tickle on your tongue create quite a seductive experience. On Valentine’s Day, go with sparkling rosé for the slightly heavier body and the pink color. It’s the perfect aphrodisiac. Now, where’s the jacuzzi?


I can’t get enough of this grape variety and hope more people give it a chance. Syrah is dirty. It is peppery, spicy, will attract you, and then try to turn you away. This is for the raunchy lovers, the ones who are deep and ready to explore the dark underside of sensuality. It can be comfortably uncomfortable without food and can be extremely animalistic. It is the grape of lechery. The grape that drives lascivious flavors and a lewdness on the nose. The right bottle of Syrah from the northern Rhône of France will smell like all that is unholy. If you’re feeling devilish this Valentine’s Day, pop a bottle of Syrah and indulge your body and soul.


This feminine grape grows in the northwestern corner of Spain. Mencía is like a sexy librarian in glasses — approachable but with an underlying lusciousness just waiting to be discovered. Comparable to gamay, mencía is extremely playful. It is the young who attempt to take that crazy leap to adulthood but knows she isn’t quite ready. It is light, fresh, and ready to be consumed. Wine made from mencía is usually herbaceous and sultry. Think mint, rosemary, and thyme. These herbs like to toy with blackberry, raspberry, and white pepper. They come together to form a seductive dance. Mencía is easy drinking while still highly fragrant. It’s for lovers who are still fresh in their relationship, those who are yearning but not ready to test their limits. Give the bottle a slight chill and sip along with some dark chocolate — and awaken the night’s possibilities.

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