After Snowpocalypse: The Return this week, we need a break. Charleston had an identity crisis, thinking herself more like Cleveland but not really committing. Luckily, this weekend gives the Holy City a chance at redemption and fully commit to having an animal- and love-filled weekend — many thanks to SEWE and V-Day.

Friday  SEWE is back, and if household pets relieve stress, imagine what a whole park of animals will do. Did we mention there’s food?

Wish you could get out of town to avoid former flames on Valentine’s Day? You don’t have to travel far. Mellow Mushroom is holding their annual F-Cupid Party, and this year the celebration is New Orleans-themed.  

If you’re “so totally over” your good-for-nothing ex, then Bay Street Biergarten’s Bitterness Bash will help you forget him — or at least provide the alcohol to help.

Do you have Tinder? Got red or white clothes? Then Mynt will happily sell you $1 vodka shots at the Tinder Party.

Footlight Theatre’s Deathtrap will take your mind off work and love. Or at least make you thankful you’re not a crime writer who considers going to the extreme to stop the recent string of flops he’s been writing.

Saturday It’s the closet you can come to legal streaking. Cupid’s Undie Run lets you and your underwear raise money for charity.

Roller derby is back. Check out the Lowcountry Highrollers take on two Charlotte teams and then party with them afterward at the Recovery Room.

The Pour House is hosting the Follywood Oyster Roast, which features local musicians and mollusks.

The North Charleston POPS! are continuing the loving feeling of Valentine’s Day with their Endless Love concert, featuring classic romantic tunes.

Sunday If you ever imagined Orlando Bloom as your Romeo, you’re in good company. Bloom and Condola Rashad’s Broadway adaptation of Romeo and Juliet is playing at two movie theaters in town. Leave the daggers at home.

Come see (or be) a Betty Draper or Joan Holloway at the Runaround Sue Vintage Charity Fashion Show. Swag bags go to the first 50 guests.

How long has it been since you played dress-up? Blind Tiger  is hosting a colonial dress up party. Twerk it like T. Jefferson. 

Cinebarre is showing two local filmakers’ shorts about love in a presentation called Movies from the Heart.

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