More than once this week we’ve thought, “This website is gonna drive me to drink,” while navigating But finally, we’ve got good news, and, well, actually some bad news too.

First, the good. The full Piccolo program is now available for download, so all us arts and culture nerds can finally take our eyeballs off the screen and peruse the offerings in printed format.

The hiccup, printed the Piccolo program comes to 92 pages (roughly a third of which is ads).

If you can’t wait for Piccolo’s official copy, and you have plenty of printer ink, follow these instructions to download your own copy:

Step 1: go to
Step 2. You’ll see a rotating gallery on the homepage.
Step 3: Click on the image of the festival poster (an adorable illustrated octopus).
Step 4: You’ll then see a link that reads: Piccolo Spoleto 2014 Digital Program Guide Now Available. CLICK HERE.
Step 5: Click there.

Problems — well, except that drinking one — solved.

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