French Camp’s Owen Beverly will release his first solo album in six years this September and has asked the City Paper  to premiere the video for “Postcard,” the record’s first single. Its entirety was shot in Denmark, a place that Beverly’s work with Danish band Oh Land has taken him frequently over the past year or so. It’s also where he recorded the LP Exit Wound back in February.

“Some of the footage I shot during the recording, and some of it I shot later in the spring,” Beverly said this week from his home in Brooklyn. “Of course in the recording process, there’s a lot of downtime — and it’s not like I have a ton of friends there — so I kept myself busy by going around Copenhagen and getting some interesting shots.”

Beverly’s newfound videography hobby had him busy mounting a camera on his bike and discovering the streets of the city in winter. Raw and shaky snippets of travel via planes and trains are captured, too and help illustrate the disconnect and, in a way, the disbelief the singer feels when touring lands he wishes to experience more tangibly.

Stay tuned for more insight into both the single as well as Exit Wound with our feature on the former Charlestonian next week, ahead of the single release show on May 23 at The Royal American with Jordan Igoe and The Kernal. Until then, enjoy the video for “Postcard.”

YouTube video

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