In less than a month the 400 block of King St. will become the Coronary District. Within a 50-foot radius one will soon be able to gorge at the recently opened Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, tipple back some whiskey at Charleston Distilling Co., and load up on piping hot carbs at Carrie Morey’s Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit (476 ½ King St.). Bypass surgery never looked so good, especially now that we’ve gotten the first look at Hot Little Biscuit’s menu.

Guests can opt for classics such as buttermilk, cheese and chive, or shortcake biscuits ($3). Then tuck into a filled version like the cinnamon, blackberry, or country ham biscuits, all $4 pair. There’s a bowl of grits ($3) and French press coffee too, in addition to biscuit accoutrements like sliced avocado and Carolina honey (50 cents each). But let’s be honest, we’re opting for the gravy. Man the defibrillator, Morey, we’re coming for you.

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