With a white coat of paint and new outdoor patio, The Americano at 819 Coleman Boulevard appears to be nearly ready for business. But no dice. The Cuban-influenced restaurant from the team at The Rarebit is at least six weeks out from opening owner John Adamson tells us. (Natch. We were hoping to sip a Papa Doble on the patio before autumn.) 

 “We experienced delays as anyone has. We’re designing as we’re building and making decisions in the field constantly. You can’t rush a process like that,” he says.  “I’m such a perfectionist.”

Adamson had originally projected to have his vision of a 1950s-era Havana restaurant open by early August, but due to architectural hiccups, he’s now hoping for an Oct. 1 opening at the latest. 

As for the menu, that too is in the works.  “We’ve been doing some tastings. Haven’t finalized anything yet, but we’re getting real close on that,” Adamson says. In the meantime, here’s a look behind the patio doors. 

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