A few weeks ago, we speculated that Will Folks might be on the outside of Thomas Ravenel’s made-for-TV campaign, but with both appearing in a police report over the weekend, less than a month before election day, it looks like Folks might make it back into the inner circle just in time for the Southern Charm season two finale.

Hours after the Associated Press reported that Ravenel was “reassessing” his indie challenge of U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, the former state treasurer tried to get in touch with Folks, the ‘founding editor’ of FitsNews.com who appeared on the show as T-Rav’s political advisor.

According to an incident report filed by the sheriff’s office in Lexington County, where Folks lives, after he didn’t answer a phone call from Ravenel Sunday morning, he followed with several “harassing text messages” to Folks around 9:30 Sunday night. The incident was first reported by the Post and Courier, but you can read the full report below.

“Folks stated that he did not want any contact with Ravenel so he did not return his phone call,” the report notes. In one text message last night, Ravenel supposedly promised “he would have him (Folks) in a trailer within a year.”

In an email to local media, Lexington County Sheriff’s officials say that both parties later told cops that the situation had been resolved.

There’s not much we can draw from a police report that’s about as cryptic in its detail as a FitsNews post, but we couldn’t help but refer to our thesaurus when we saw the word “trailer,” given TV T-Rav’s experience in reality television and his cozy relationships with fancy Hollywood types.

FitsNews is even hamming it up over the incident. In a post Monday, Folks is characteristically quoted in the third-person as saying, “It hurts me that his message threatened to put me in a single-wide trailer.”

As far as we know, this is Ravenel’s first run-in with the law since his DUI arrest in the Hamptons last summer. Before appearing in season one of Southern Charm, Folks was perhaps best known for making vague allegations four years ago that he had an affair with Nikki Haley.

Will Folks' reports Thomas Ravenel for harassing text messages

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