The sixth annual Terrace Charleston Film Festival returns to the Terrace Theatre (1956D Maybank Hwy.) March 12-15. But before opening night, the film fest will narrow down the applicants and select whose film will get shown. Locals have until Feb. 1 to submit their flicks for consideration.

“This, our sixth year, has seen the most local submissions that we have received to date,” explains Paul Brown, owner of the Terrace. “And we want to give all our local filmmakers the opportunity to screen their films in front of local audiences.”

The best local film will receive a cash prize up to $2,500 and a one-week run at the Terrace. Submissions are free of charge and can be emailed to by Feb. 1.  

The Terrace Charleston Film Festival is co-sponsored by The Art Institute of Charleston, The Charleston Jewish Federation, Charleston Collegiate, Southern Wine and Spirits, and Paolo’s Gelato. For more information, visit or call (843) 762-4247. 

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