It’s too bad the election is over and T-Rav already got trounced by Lindsey Graham because his raise-the-roof commercial is playing on an endless loop Monday nights at 10 p.m.

At first it seemed baby-mama Kathryn was upset because of the hot dancing girls in the video, but over the course of this episode it becomes clear that she thinks he’s making a mockery of himself, politics, and her. Why is she surprised by this?

Whitney thinks he’s such a genius too. He can’t stop showing this video to everyone, complete with menacing chuckle. Is he excited that he got T-Rav to let him make fun of him like that or is he just thrilled to have some legit work to show everyone? He reminds me of a kindergartener showing off his crappy drawing of the Easter bunny. Yeah, yeah, kid, you’re a real genius. Good job, buddy. Now scram. 

Can we stop here for a minute and discuss the fakery of this show. Kathryn is at Danni’s apartment to discuss “last night’s” fight with Thomas. Trouble is, Kathryn has returned to her scrawny pre-baby self and looks about 25 pounds lighter than the night before. And Danni’s wearing a down vest and boots. Girls in Charleston are not wearing boots and vests until late November and just moments ago it was high summer at Shep and Whitney’s beach pad. 

Speaking of Shep and Whitney. I’m confused by this relationship. Does Shep say the insightful things to Whitney that he says to the camera? Does Whitney actually sleep at this house or does he stay at Pat’s and get chauffeured over for his scenes?

As Craig knows, nothing’s more boring than a jobby job. Well, maybe studying for the bar. But Landon is on her boat talking about establishing herself in Charleston. About as dull as Cameran’s real estate job. Let’s get back to the beach and hanging with the rich playboys. 

Speaking of rich playboys, Cooper Ray knows how to dress them. I love that he’s working in some shabby single house in the upper reaches of the peninsula with hand-drawn signs taped to a chain-link fence, yet the camera lingers on the Meeting and South Battery street sign. Yeah right. What would Pat think? 

Shep stops by with his long-armed self to try on some clothes. While T-Rav may still be raising the roof like it’s 2003, Shep is still busting a sag and needs to pull up his pants. Shep says Craig is perfectly emaciated to be a hot male model. And that he is. If you’ve seen Vanderpump Rules, you’ll recognize a burgeoning Jax. Let’s hope he reels himself in before he’s too far gone. But modeling would be a better fit for his aspirations than studying for the bar, that’s for sure.

Cue the love interlude: Kathryn and T-Rav make up and express feelings in the most awkward way. 

Speaking of boring jobs, Whitney’s business partner suggests Whitney show up to his new restaurant the Generalísimo and work a max of six hours a week. The man-child balks at that idea, especially when biz partner says it would be “humbling.” What should be humbling is the fact that it’s April and the restaurant is still not close to opening. Whoops.

You know what’s open though? Shep’s hot dog stand! That’s right. Shep has no problem making appearances at the Palace Hotel. He’s friendly and happy to be there drinking PBRs and eating gourmet dogs in the ‘hood. Over a plate of fried fish (what!?), Cam and Shep discuss the young morons in their lives and how best to share their wisdom. Shep must be so thankful for this show. He can point to Craig and tell his family: “See, I’m not that big of an idiot. I could be him.” 

The episode ends with the lamest political fundraiser I’ve ever seen. About 14 castmembers, er, I mean, people show up at Bowens Island for a paper plate of Lowcountry boil. The only check that gets stroked is from Shep. Surely that $250 went for something besides the freaking commercial, which Whitney won’t stop showing to everybody. 

The girls gather on the dock to discuss Whitney’s role as a little tiny baby troll and then Kathryn and Whitney have an awkward confrontation about how evil he is. I wish Kathryn was more articulate, because she makes a good point. But stumbling over big words makes her look dumb. And I’m still on the fence about this one: is she wicked smart but being made to look stupid and silly, or is she just stupid and silly? Stay tuned, I guess.   

Next week: T-Rav’s sham of a campaign makes a whistle stop at his plantation. 

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