After months of speculation, we have confirmed that Ben Towill, co-owner of New York City eateries The Fat Radish, The East Pole, and The Leadbelly, will develop the restaurant for The Dewberry Hotel (334 Meeting St.).

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“Ben will be the brand director for The Dewberry Hospitality Group,” says Scott Dawson, managing director of Dewberry’s Hospitality Group. In his new role, Towill will be responsible for developing the food and beverage, marketing, and strategic partnerships for the growing hospitality division of Atlanta-based Dewberry Capital. The Dewberry Hotel will not have a Fat Radish, however, Dawson says. 

The new hotel is currently being built in the former L. Mendel Rivers Federal Building across from Marion Square. The 155-room space is expected to open between December 2015 and February 2016.

City Paper first looked into Towill’s Charleston plans last July when the restaurateur’s Holy City home appeared in Design*Sponge. Whether Towill’s new role with the Dewberry will impact his role as co-owner of his New York restaurants is unconfirmed. Towill has not yet responded to comment.

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