Today Edmund’s Oast announced that it will build a new offsite, freestanding brewery where it can brew its specialty beers for retail. The brewery will offer kegs, cans, and bottles, as well as a casual taproom for tastings. 

Home Team PR’s Angel Postell says that because the project is still a year out, a lot of the details are still fuzzy. She did confirm that the as yet-unnamed brewery will craft new beers, and based on the popularity of Edmund’s current in-house offerings, keep a rotating line of restaurant favorites.

Edmund’s current brewer Cameron Read will be in charge of operations at the new place while still brewing at the restaurant. “Cameron will benefit from having room to work,” says Scott Shor, owner of Edmund’s Oast. 

Shor also commented on the addition of another brewery to Charleston’s already thriving craft beer scene. “We’re honored to be a part of the fabric of the breweries here,” he says. “We want to complement rather than compete.” Touche. 

Huge, sad spoiler for all y’all P,B & J’ers: Edmund’s Peanut Butter and Jelly beer cannot be mass produced, so there’s no guarantee it will make it to the offsite brewery. 

Postell says that Edmund’s, naturally, has a great relationship with local breweries (they feature a lot of local suds on tap), so collaboration is inevitable. “Scott [Shor] has so many contacts all over the world,” says Postell, pointing to Evil Twin Brewing — a gypsy brewery that brews in 10 cities around the world — as an example.

She adds that the Edmund’s crew has always had the idea for a brewery in the back of their minds, and that their recent attempt at growler production pushed them to opening this new brewing location. (The growlers, FYI, couldn’t happen because y’all just drink too much of Edmund’s beer for them to currently bottle it). 

“So many people come to Charleston and ask if they can get [Edmund’s] beer in their stores back home,” says Postell. Now Edmund’s is one step closer to making that dream a reality.

As for Shor’s own excitement levels? Well, don’t expect him to toast to the new project yet. “Right now it’s just work,” he says. “You have to suffer through pain before you get to the good stuff.”

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