Local hip-hop artist WarholtheGhost, a.k.a. Austin Jamal Butler, dropped a new record last month, From Hell | With Love: An Album About Everything.

“This is my fifth album I’ve put together since middle school, he says. “I wanted to take that maturity and turn it into some kind of sonic experience.”

Butler created most of the beats and instrumentals himself, save for a few that were produced by art collective RAISEDBYFILM.

For Butler, the work is more than just an album. “Being able to produce my own music made the creative process of the album feels more like painting,” he says. “And there was no need to be overaggressive or drown my words with catchy adlibs.”

WarholtheGhost and crew aim to perform plenty in 2016. Butler says, “We’re a hard-working bunch, so there’s a lot planned for this year.”

Check out the tracks yourself below:

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