The Charleston Design Review Board will take a look at proposed renderings for Whole Foods’ new Savannah Highway location at their meeting tonight.

Early plans show how the site will be adjusted to accommodate the massive new grocery store to sit alongside the existing Doscher’s IGA store, which will remain on the site. An additional small retail building is also proposed to be built on the western edge of the site, behind the existing Burrell & Flynn’s building. The gas station currently at the corner of Hwy. 17 and Farmfield Avenue will be removed. The plans also detail materials and colors for the proposed building, which would be clad in brick veneer with stone accents.

The Charleston store will be the second in the area and will be slightly larger than its Mt. Pleasant counterpart.

The meeting begins tonight at 5 p.m. at 2 George Street. You can see the full set of plans as well as other proposals up for consideration in the full agenda.

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