Tickets to see TEDxCharleston live at the Charleston Music Hall sold out pretty fast, four hours fast to be exact. But never fear, the good folks producing the event have decided to offer three live-stream locations to the public.

Streaming events are free to attend and will take place on the same date and time of the talk, Oct. 19. You can grab a seat at MUSC in downtown Charleston, Holy City Collective on Daniel Island, and on the College of Charleston Campus in North Charleston. You can register for them here

The theme of this year’s event is Tipping Point, highlighting the various tipping points in our society, with topics that range from racial inequality to climate change. Featured speakers include entrepreneur Don Alderman, local photographer Jack Alterman, and musicians Marcus Amaker and Quentin Baxter.

For more information about TEDxCharleston and streaming, click here. 

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