If you happen to see someone hit by a car on King Street today, try not to be alarmed. It’s most likely all just part of an untitled romantic comedy starring Marlon Wayans.

Currently referred to as “Untitled Marlon Wayans Project” (pretty catchy, but chances are the title will change to Naked), the movie filmed downtown Tuesday. According to a letter handed out to residents and businesses in the area, those working on the project requested a one-hour closure of the block of King Street between Woolfe and Mary streets to take place before 4 p.m. to allow for the safe filming of exterior scenes.

The scene inside the road closure involves a small stunt during which a character exits a shop and is struck by an oncoming car. The notice handed out says that the stunt performers involved are trained professionals, so don’t worry.

“We greatly appreciate your time and willingness to help with this endeavor,” the letter reads. “We’re very excited to feature the beauty of Charleston in our movie.”

Charleston: There’s no place more beautiful to film getting hit by a car.

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