Charleston artist Christine Bush Roman is a keen observer of human behavior, but right now her work is a little more … furry. Roman is currently accepting commissions for pet portraits. Her colorful, stylized work is done in watercolors, colored pencil, ink, and pastel. Canine faces, drooly and dignified, grin back at you from high-quality watercolor paper. A portion of all the proceeds from this project will benefit Toby’s Fund, a branch of the Charleston Animal Society. Pieces are available in 16×20 for $120, and 22×30 for $180. Custom sizing is also available. For more information or to commission a piece, head here.

With the help of fundraising like Toby’s Fund, the CAS is able to care for thousands of sick and injured animals in the Lowcountry each year. They handle everything from pets who have been mistreated or neglected by their owners to strays who are picked up by law enforcement. The medical care from Toby’s Fund also helps relieve some of the pressure on our local animal shelters, many of whom are so overwhelmed by the number of animals that they in struggle to give each case the medial attention it needs.

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