Tickets for the 2017 Charleston Comedy Festival’s headliner shows are now on sale. The fest, co-sponsored by City Paper and Theatre 99, will be held from Jan. 18-21, and will feature performances from comedians Jim Breuer and Hannibal Buress. Breuer, of SNL and Half Baked fame, will perform at Sottile Theatre on Jan. 20, and Buress, of Neighbors, Neighbors 2, Broad City, and more, will perform at Sottile on Jan. 21. Buress recently canceled a show in the Lowcountry due to a scheduling conflict; read Dustin Waters’ interview with him here. And snag your headliner tickets at

Theatre 99 will also be holding their Stand-Up Comedy Competition Semi-Finals this weekend, on Nov. 18 & 19 at 10 p.m. These rounds will feature 10 comics each night, with the top three vote getters moving on to the final round, held on Sat. Dec. 3. Semi-Final tickets are available now for $12 a pop.

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