Blotter o’ the Week: A man told police that an acquaintance of his approached him one day and made a cutting motion across his throat before walking away. According to an incident report, the acquaintance had been allowed to stay at the man’s apartment in the past, but now accuses him of giving him bedbugs.

Several students got into trouble after convincing their fellow classmates to take part in the “salt shaker challenge.” As a part of the prank, students are asked to tilt their heads back and pretend that they are shaking salt into their mouths, which just so happens to resemble a certain sexual act. These incidents were recorded by students, and the videos were placed online. After the prank, one of the students asked a faculty member to explain why the prank was so funny “because it’s believed they are too young to understand the innuendo,” according to an incident report.

A man with bulging pockets was stopped by store security who noticed something fishy about his appearance. Staff then found the man’s pants to be filled with numerous cans of sardines that he was attempting to steal.

A couple called police when they found an unknown man asleep on their couch. After waking the man, police determined that he had stumbled into the couple’s home after a night of drinking and passed out.

An officer responded to a residence following a loud noise complaint. Upon arrival, the officer heard extremely loud yelling and chanting. After finding a man who lived at the home, the officer was told that he and some friends were gathered for their traditional holiday dinner. It’s not Thanksgiving without a visit from the police.

An officer was flagged down late one evening after a man urinated on the dance floor at a downtown club.

A man noticed that his son — who was fresh back from rehab — appeared to be high during dinner. After seeing several reports of thefts on the neighborhood Facebook page, the father questioned his son, who informed him that all the stolen items were piled in his closet. Among the items believed to be stolen were several cell phones, Prince CDs, an air compressor, numerous power tools, and an assortment of keys.

A man reported to police that Donald Trump campaign signs had been stolen from his front yard on multiple occasions. Later the man found an anonymous letter in his mailbox expressing dissatisfaction with his support of Trump. The handwritten note was signed, “The Majority of American Voters.”

A woman and her sister were having a few drinks and listening to music when their conversation turned violent. The woman told police that her sister hit her in the head with a beer can.

A landlord called police to report that a woman who had been evicted suddenly returned to her former residence and moved back in. Upon arriving at the scene, the woman told police that she was allowed to live there and retrieved another resident from inside the home to corroborate her story. The man told the officer that the woman was allowed to stay, but the officer noticed that he appeared to be extremely uncomfortable while standing next to the woman. After returning to his patrol car, the officer called the man, who admitted that he was afraid of the woman and did not want to be the one to upset her.

During a routine traffic stop, an officer noticed the smell of marijuana in the air and a white powdery substance on the mouth and pants of the passenger of the vehicle. During questioning, the officer noticed the man begin to swallow the powder and start to sweat profusely. The officer asked the man if he needed emergency medical assistance, but he declined.

A woman purchased two jackets from a department store and placed them in her vehicle before returning to the store, grabbing two more identical jackets and attempting to return them using her original receipt. Later speaking with police, the woman said, “She knew it was wrong” and “this wasn’t like her.”

A woman called police after noticing a strange collection of items situated along a riverbed. Among the equipment the woman found were two water heaters still inside their original boxes, five nail guns, two hammers, one bolt cutter, and a box cutter.

While speaking with the manager at a corner store, an officer was informed that two firearms had been discovered on the store’s property in recent years, but never reported to police. Since the manager would soon no longer be working at the store, he asked if the police could take possession of the weapons and dispose of them.

An Uber driver was sitting in his vehicle when an intoxicated woman began pounding on his window shouting, “They’re going to get me.” After allowing the woman in his car, the driver asked where she was headed before noticing the woman had fallen asleep in the back seat.

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