Quirky indie hip-hop duo Little Stranger released a new single today, titled “Queens of the Nile.” The song was originally written by member John Shields’ father.

“My dad was a musician,” says Shields. “He was a big inspiration for me growing up.” Shields’ father, also named John, performed “Queens of the Nile” in harmony-driven rock band Metro in the early ’80s. “They had a bunch of material, a bunch of live stuff, that I grew up listening to.”

Little Stranger attuned the rock track closer to their alternative hip-hop sensibilities with a new beat and different instrumentation. “[Rapper] Kevin took one of the verses and reinterpreted it as far as the delivery goes.”

Shields’ niece, Nora Fetrow, sings on the track’s intro, making it the hippest family reunion in the Lowcountry. “[Nora] sent a voice memo over on the iPhone of her singing along to it, and it was perfect. It was better than we even wanted her to do.”

While he’s not the biggest hip-hop guy on the planet, Shields’ father is ecstatic about seeing his son dust off a track from his old band. “He was just so supportive and excited about the idea of taking that old work and remaking it,” Shields says.

Shields and his bandmate Kevin Shields (no relation), plan on releasing another Metro cover in the future called “Won’t Amount to Nothing” on their new EP, due out in 2017.

Metro’s original live recording will be released soon. To hear both singles and receive further Little Stranger updates, stay tuned to facebook.com/littlestrangermusic.

Check out the video — produced by Little Stranger and shot by Alex Veazey (Chop Media) — for “Queens of the Nile” below.


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